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What to Do If You Already Hate Your New Job

Everyone has bad days at the office. But what should you do if you are increasingly convinced you’ve taken the wrong job? Should you quit right away, or try to make the position work for you? And how can you put yourself back on the right career path?

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How To Find Work Abroad

Greg Miller spent decades in the San Francisco area, starting up businesses ranging from an audio products rep firm to a Thai restaurant. But last year, at 63, he decided to leave the United States and become an entrepreneur in his wife’s native Thailand. Today, Miller and his wife run a fashion boutique, a travel business and a restaurant in Chiang Mai, their new home. “I enjoy the culture, the food and the friendliness of the people,” says Miller, who also relishes the Asian country’s lower cost of living and more relaxed lifestyle. “My experience in Thailand is of having a great amount of freedom that I do not have in the U.S.”
Maybe you, too, have a yen to pick up and work abroad, either temporarily or permanently. You might yearn to embark on a new adventure and discover another part of the world — and learn a little about your own resourcefulness. Or perhaps you think job opportunities would be greater in another country, making it easier for you to find work you love, whether you’re looking for full-time employment, volunteer activities or a part-time gig suitable for your retirement. If the life of an expatriate appeals to you, go for it. Just be sure you do the requisite homework before you relocate.

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11 things successful people do in the first 3 months at a new job

You landed the job. Congrats!

Now it's time to make your boss love you by becoming a star employee. Start with these 11 things successful people do to make the most of the first three months in a new position.

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How to Write a Thank You Email After an Interview (+10 Examples)

How would you feel if I butted in line when you were waiting to use the bathroom? You would hate me. But why? A little thing called etiquette - the things we do to be polite and make our behavior pleasant to others. Sending a post-interview thank you note is a cornerstone of etiquette. Even if you’re confident that you aced your interview, it’s good form to say thank you for the opportunity. But like all forms of polite conversation, it’s easy to make a faux pas if you don’t know the current trends. So, how do you write a thank you email after an interview? This guide will answer all your post-interview thank you email questions so that you’re sure that your manners are fit for a king.

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5 Ways to Transform From Mediocrity to Excellence

Who doesn’t want to be the next “thing” to hit it to the next level; whether it’s in your career, business, finally having 1k followers on Instagram or even the next step with your boo. Many of us have excelled, passed the status quotient in school, and even landed jobs in our field (nowadays that can be a task, all by itself). We always express a promise in whatever we do. Though we have the ability, we may have found that we have hit a glass ceiling; but we may also be surprised that we build it ourselves.

How can we push through our limits in order to reach the full potential that is waiting to burst out of us?

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