3 Workplace Problems That Can Affect Your Performance

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After a grueling selection process involving jockeying competition for a position at your company and negotiating a reward (aka salary talk), you’re sent into an unfamiliar place filled with people you’ve likely never met before but are now about to spend more time with than any member of your immediate family. Some of those people will be eliminated, while others will skyrocket through the leadership ranks, eventually telling you what to do.

Put that way, modern work life sounds a lot like “The Hunger Games,” doesn’t it? Which may be why so many everyday office dramas can seem larger than life, which can affect your well-being and your reputation to boot.

Not getting sucked into workplace drama is no easy task. So we spoke to career experts for how to deftly navigate five common drama-filled scenarios, save your sanity, stay on your manager’s good side and keep the odds in your favor in the office.

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