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12 Jobs you can do anywhere in the world

The traditional 9-5 office job isn’t your only option. Did you know that? Sure, it works for plenty of people. In at 9 a.m., out the door as the bells chime 5p.m., lather, rinse, repeat. Monday through Friday, 52 weeks per year for 40 years or more. It works for plenty of people.

If you are not in that group of plenty, fear not. Your options are endless! Here are just a few of the amazing alternatives to the traditional cubicle life that you can take with you anywhere in the world. After all, if you love what you do, you’ll conquer more obstacles and motivate yourself more for a longer period of time. Happy travels and happy days!

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10 reasons to stay at a job for 10 or more years

As business owner I have a lot of incentive to keep our talented people around. But as an employee, I believe you can progress much better, both financially and in skills, by staying in one place instead of jumping around. The whole idea and philosophy of the “perfect job” could be blinding you from the even bigger opportunity to magnify the position you already have.I maintain that the commonly-held idea the only way to “get ahead” is to hop jobs is entirely false.As a case in point, the company I helped save from closure in 2004 and now lead (Fishbowl) has grown from 6 to 100 employees in the past 8 years, and our turnover is negligible (under 2%). I am here for life. As I receive calls from Venture Capitalists I tell them “the exit strategy for myself and my partner, Mary Michelle Scott and all other owners is death, so we may not fit your model.” Our full leadership team and the vast majority of our employees consider themselves “lifers” as well.

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12 Tips for a Smooth Transition to Your New Job

Congratulations! You just landed a new job. Go out, grab a drink and celebrate with friends. Maybe even treat yourself to a massage, nice dinner or a short vacation. Taking some time for yourself in between jobs is critical for optimal mental and physical function. Because let's be honest, looking for a new job is not easy and tends to be a full job in and of itself. But once you've had a few days off, it's time to get serious. Whether it took you two weeks, two months or two years to land this position, your first few days on the job will be the most memorable, so it's essential you make a good impression.

Here are a few tips for a smooth transition to your new job:

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How to Optimize your LinkedIn Summary & Profile to get jobs

As a job seeker, having a LinkedIn profile is no longer a matter of choice. It’s a necessity. 


Well, for starters, everyone is on LinkedIn - job seekers, recruiters, CEO's, that weird guy next door, your mom - everyone. Okay, but what if you're not looking for a job right now. Well, you don’t have to be actively looking for a job to use LinkedIn. In fact, if you optimize your profile and engage with the platform a job could come looking for you.

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This is one of the qualities Steve Jobs would demand from every new hire

Genius and unconventional often go hand in hand — especially in the case of Steve Jobs. Even from the early days of Apple, Jobs knew that he wanted to create something special, but he did not yet know who could help him turn his vision into reality. Now, a video from the 80's has resurfaced in which a young Jobs describes the early mistakes he made when hiring employees, and the one attribute he eventually considered an absolute requirement in his employees. Jobs says his early hires of what he called "professionals" didn't do well, "It didn't work out at all. Most of them were bozos. They knew how to manage but they didn't know how to do anything."

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