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How to embrace major career transitions without fear

Career changes, whether planned or not, can be daunting. Transitioning from one type of job to another often comes with new skill sets, new people and new responsibilities in a very short span of time. Fear of change is normal as you go through this process, but failure to deal with fear in an efficient manner can make the transition very difficult or even impossible, leading to self-doubt and underperformance.

Here are a 15 ways to overcome your fear and embrace your career change, as recommended by these successful members of Forbes Coaches Council


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How to Get a Job

We’d like to deliver you some very good news: a job search doesn’t have to be tough, and neither does landing a new job—if you know exactly how to get a job, that is.

Some job seekers, for example, don’t realize that a handwritten thank you note sent post-interview can clinch the job deal, while others have never heard of applicant tracking systems—technology that reads resumes and chucks those that are missing job description keywords in the trash. But with this insider information, you can defy the odds and land your dream job—all while making it look oh-so-easy.

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5 Great Reasons to Work Abroad

According to a recent study by global staffing firm Randstad, only one in five Hong Kong employees view traveling for work as an added value to their job. On the face of it, 78% might seem a rather large number, but as with all statistics, the devil is in the detail. Could it be the case that Hong Kong is such a good place to work in and of itself, that nobody wants to leave to go elsewhere? An HSBC study certainly gives credence to that, having recently crowned Hong Kong the best place for expats looking to move up the career ladder to work. Maybe once people get here, they just don’t want to leave, and for the same reasons, those employed locally don’t look outwards either?

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Seven simple steps to finding a job abroad

When I decided to move to Lebanon, I took the millennial approach and Googled every possible piece of advice on the internet about how to find a job abroad. Most of the articles I found gave blanket advice that could be applied to any situation like “Use Social Media to Connect with New People You Don’t Know” or “Make a Video Resume to Get Hired Abroad” or my, personal favorite “Make Sure Your Passport is Valid.”  While these articles meant well, they obviously weren’t giving me the lay of the land I needed. Outside of a handful of helpful sites and articles – Nomadic Matt’s websiteThe US State Department’s website for working abroad  and Matador Network - there is not a lot of concrete information available on the internet.

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4 Things you should know before you work abroad

Business Insider recently spoke with Jeff Parker, an American who writes about his experience living and working abroad in his blog Expat Yourself.

There, he provides tips and guidance for anyone looking to move to a different country. So far, Parker has visited 30 countries around the world, and lived and worked in many on the list.

Parker says that the most important thing to realize about working abroad is that there's going to be a lot of paperwork.

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