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4 Ways to get a job you think is out of your reach

You probably can't even count the number of times you have pulled up a company's career page, seen an opening for a job that seemed to be right in your wheelhouse, read the job description and then realized you didn't meet all of the job qualifications. Well, if that stopped you from applying before – here's some good news for you.

According to a recent USA Today article, in this increasingly challenging market for employers, companies are now hiring outside of their job descriptions. If you don't have the degree the company is looking for, or a previous career path that directly aligns with the open position, you may be in luck.

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8 Great reasons why you should work abroad in your 20s

When I was 24, I got a job offer to work in Naples, Italy. The only problem, as far as my mother was concerned, was that there was a cholera epidemic there at the time. Our local newspaper was full of morbid details about the 22 deaths. She tried to stop me going but failed. I got the vaccination and off I went. It was an adventure that was so exciting and unforgettable that I am still living in Italy and will never leave it now. So, what are the reasons why you should work abroad in your 20s if you get the chance, like I did?

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The 6 biggest challenges of getting a job abroad and how to overcome them

Attaining a job across the sea comes with numerous challenges that author Maria Lamp attempts to cover in her article. These challenges include competition, silent recruiters, biases and several other variables. Lamps insight proves intriguing for numerous reasons as she keeps the reader engaged and keeps the content relevant throughout. 

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5 Good things everyone ought to know about working abroad

Have you ever been in a headquarter based meeting when someone says, “This marketing campaign will be impossible to localize in China?” Or when a product manager says to her engineering team, “This product schedule will miss Diwali in South Asia.” One may presume that these comments are from people who originally came from those respective regions but that is not always the case. Rather they are coming from individuals who have worked abroad for an extended period of time and returned to their home country with an incremental impact to the company’s performance and bottom-line.

In today's international economy, having global awareness at headquarters is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have for survival. A TRULY global firm must operate with a deep and sensitive awareness to stay relevant with consumers in order to ultimately have profitability at home and abroad. In most cases, this has to start at the top to cultivate a global DNA across the organization.

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New Job Jitters? Just Relax

Q: After being out of work for quite a while, I'm happy to say that I'm starting a new job. But I'm concerned about getting back into the routine smoothly. What can I do to have a successful transition?

A: Pay attention to your new environment, and keep the other aspects of your life as stable as possible.

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