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"What Is Your Greatest Weakness?" Best Answers (6 Proven Examples)

What are your weaknesses?

Yes, the dreaded weaknesses interview question. The last thing you ever want to do at an interview - tell the interviewer that you are bad at something. You already feel like puking. And now, you have to make yourself look good while discussing how you’re terrible at something. And no, you can’t pretend like you have no weaknesses. You’re a puny human.

You’ve got to own up to that.

Good news. You can answer the "what are your weaknesses" job interview question without sabotaging yourself.

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Muhammad Ali: The Dream

The Clays of Louisville are an old Kentucky family. Not rich, maybe, like the folks who play pool in the Pendennis Club and chew mint leaves on the veranda at Churchill Downs. But the Clays have been there for six generations—ever since their ancestors worked as slaves on the plantation of Cassius Marcellus Clay, who was Lincoln's Minister to Russia. They like the name, and they like Louisville, and they have a red brick house with five rooms, all of them on one floor. It's got wall-to-wall carpeting in every room and a picture painted right on the white plaster wall in the living room.

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How to Check Your Online Presence Before Recruiters Look You Up

The article will show you:

  • How to clean up your social media profiles and search engine results for recruiters. 
  • How to harness the power of LinkedIn to position yourself as a professional online.
  • How to make your online presence and traditional resume work together. 

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Many successful people are driven by a quality no one likes to admit

  • Success may be partly a result of insecurity, say entrepreneurs and researchers.
  • People who have a chip on their shoulder may be more motivated to prove their worth.
  • However, if you're constantly whining about your disadvantages, you may be less inclined to succeed.

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Want To Be More Productive? 7 Secrets To Help You Step Up Your Game

I work with a lot of entrepreneurs and supervisors who are looking to increase productivity, whether in their own work or the work of their employees, and their focus is always on how to find more time. However, more time isn’t necessarily the key; it’s more about how exactly you’re utilizing your time. Everyone has 24 hours in a day, so what is it that makes some people so much more productive than others? These are the seven tips I share with clients who are looking for ways to boost productivity.

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