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Consultant OBGYN Urogynecology (Ref#010)

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  • Published: 2023-03-24 13:43:22Z


A Consultant Urogynecologist or Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (a.k.a FPMRS henceforth in this document) will provide professional Urogynecologic, Gynecologic and female urological services for women with pelvic floor disorders such as urinary and fecal incontinences, pelvic organ prolapses of all types, defecatory disorders, sexual dysfunctions and female neuro-urological disorders for patients at the hospital and other applicable hospital as assigned. In addition, he or she will provide  consultative services for both inpatients and outpatients services for General Gynecological problems for female of all ages for patients at the the hospital, and other administrative duties as required. 

The obstetrical services shall be limited to consultative and surgical services in the operating room at the the hospital. He/she will supervise and coordinate gynecologic services provided for patients at the hospital; He/she will supervise and evaluate medical and nursing staff of OB/GYN Department, and perform medically related and administrative duties as required.

We offer Urogynaecology, Minimal Access and benign Gynae surgery apart from colposcopy, Maternal Fetal Medicine and the successful candidate would be free to pursue their special interest even though Obstetric clinics and calls would take up significant time from their schedules. We have hospital and department  guidelines based on international guidance which are updated regularly. 

We endeavor to have regular teaching sessions which can be accredited or unaccredited for purposes of providing consistent & excellent clinical care as well as for purposes of license renewal for medical professionals including physicians, nurses and midwives. These sessions include Practical Obstetric Multi-Professional Training, Neonatal Resuscitation as well as Perinatal & Departmental Morbidity and Mortality



Outpatient Clinics

  • The Urogynecologist or FPMRS consultants shall provides care for patient in the General Urogynecologic clinic which shall comprise pelvic organ prolapse of all various types, urinary and fecal incontinences, defecatory disorders, sexual dysfunction and neuro-urologic disorders.
  • He or She shall see all assigned patients in the Perineal clinics.
  • He or she shall participate in the Procedural clinics – Urodynamics (both video  and non-video), office cystoscopy, sacral neuromodulation and Endo-anal and Perineal ultrasounds.
  • Treats diseases and injuries of female reproductive system especially when related to trauma or congenital anomalies and exclusive of malignancy and obstetrics outpatients.
  • Preparing and reviewing case histories and obtaining data through interviews..
  • Orders, evaluates and reviews appropriate laboratory tests, diagnostic and radiological procedures.
  • Performs diagnostic procedures as required.
  • Provide appropriate documentations of all the clinical encounter with all patients.


Administrative Responsibilities for Pelvic Floor and Reconstructive Surgery

  • Provide advice on the purchase of equipment needed to establish the service.
  • Work with supply chain to source disposable equipment needed for the service.
  • Train clinic, ward and OR/recovery room staff to treat urogynecology patients.
  • Work with the marketing team to educate the hospital staff and the community for the new service. This might include giving lectures, patient education, visiting local physicians, etc.
  • Develop hospital policies needed to provide this service in a safe and reliablemethod.


Inpatient Ward

  • He/She shall see and rounds all patients on the Gynecologic and Urogynecologic services, and maintains and updates SBAR handover sheet with respect to the Gynecological Services.
  • In addition, he/she shall responsible for referral and consultative services from other services such as General Obstetrics and Gynecologic, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Surgery Services.
  • He/She shall also responsible for in-house referrals and consultation services both within the the hospital and outside hospital after the hours.
  • Provide appropriate documentations for all the services provided.


Operating Room

  • Directs nurses in procedures for preoperative and postoperative care such as administering sedatives, prescribing diets, and preparing operative area of patients.
  • Performs appropriate surgical procedures as privileged and treats patients with postoperative complications.


Labour and Delivery

  • Under normal circumstances and except with prior arrangement, there shall not be any responsibilities for a Urogynecologist or PFMRS consultant performing or rendering General Obstetrical services or performing the normal physician responsibilities on Labour and Delivery Suites.
  • However, he/she can be called upon for difficult surgical procedures such as the repair of the third or fourth degree lacerations, anticipated difficult repeat cesarean section, or cesarean hysterectomy, intraoperative bladder or ureteric injuries.


Outside Clinic

  • You may be asked to participate in satellite clinics that deals exclusively with General Gynecology, Urogynecologic and Female neuro-urologic disorders.
  • Participate in partner clinics.
  • Assist or consult with outside physicians working at the hospital.



  • Doctor of Medicine Degree from a recognized medical school
  • Seven (7) years of training in specialty or subspecialty plus postgraduate training experience must be equal to or exceed seven (7) years’ experience in the subspecialty.
  • Certified in medical specialty by an approved Specialty Board.
  • American board in Specialty/Fellowship program in country of origin.
  • Language: Fluent in English. Ability to speak in Arabic, Urdu, Hindi or Pashto languages are an advantage.

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