Adilstone Group has a team dedicated to ensuring that the placement process goes smoothly for customers and clients alike.

Stephen Roberts, Co-Partner, Adilstone South Africa  

Stephen Roberts has been recruiting people ever since he started his first asset management business. After 20 years as a leader in the financial services industry in South Africa he resigned as joint Managing Director of one of South Africa’s largest asset managers to start his own coaching and consulting practice. The combination of experience over 30 years in business with training in 2014 as an Organisational and Relationship Systems™ coach, taught him his greatest lesson: “Relationships Matter”. This is the reason he formed Roberts Recruitment (Pty) Ltd with his son Nathan, in response to specific client requirements in the area of recruiting and together they now represent the Adilstone Group in South Africa. Stephen has an honours degree in Industrial Economics from the Nottingham University, UK, and is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited coach.

Outside of work Stephen loves to spend time with family and friends and particularly enjoys traveling (especially to African Game Reserves), playing bridge, listening to books and writing poetry.

Nathan Roberts, Co-Partner, Adilstone South Africa

Nathan is a passionate young social entrepreneur who believes in using leadership and business to create a positive difference in people's lives. In 2013 he founded an impactful non-profit-enterprise aimed at developing leadership skills in high school students in the townships of South Africa and then at the age of 28 he went on to become the Chief Executive of an online english school employing more than 300 university graduates as teachers.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce, as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Entrepreneurship) from the University of Cape town. His social enterprises have seen him win numerous awards and he has both been selected as one of South Africa’s 100 Brightest Young Minds, as well as one of the Top 200 Young South Africans by Mail & Guardian.

Nathan loves traveling with his wife, eating Italian food, mentoring youth and finding new and exciting business opportunities. 

Letizia Pacitto, Recruiting Manager, Adilstone South Africa

With 15 years of professional experience in management and support roles, Letizia truly embodies what it means to be a servant leader. Her natural aptitude for people management and administration makes her truly effective in the roles she takes on.

With a Masters in Economics and Management, she has found her passion in identifying the untapped potential of others and seeing them thrive in their work and personal lives.

Letizia is currently working remotely while traveling the globe on a round the world trip. She loves travel, food and sharing a good meal with her loved ones.