Our comprehensive strategy allows our clients to locate the top-tier talent they desire, and acquire some of the most sustainable people in the workplace. Our strategy is based on a four-pronged approach.


Our extensive networks and rigorous vetting process lower hiring costs and deliver exceptional candidates. 

Vetting: Using a detailed vetting process, we prescreen potential candidates, lowering administrative expenses spent by clients on recruiting and hiring. We start with the simple things. Every resume that is submitted is thoroughly reviewed and viable candidates are screened by phone or video call. References are checked and multiple candidates are supplied to our clients, all vetted to ultimately save our clients time and make them more efficient. 

Quality: Our best-in-class recruiting website houses a proprietary database of qualified Western candidates. 

One-stop shop: We are a company with a global footprint and are striving to be a one-stop shop for our clients. Currently, we are recruiting from the US and will expand into other countries in early 2017. Our desire is to add a new market every 6 to 12 months, depending on our clients’ needs and our ability to launch a high quality operation in the other countries.‚Äč


Assisting employees, their families, and employers every step of the way for a smooth transition. 

Accommodating: The key to launching well takes place in the first 90 to 120 days on the ground. Our top-notch concierge services accommodate both the client and employee. Family adjustment difficulties are the main reason employees leave, so we have a team of people assisting our candidates and clients each set of the way, making sure they have the support they need for success. 


Fulfilling and renewing contracts at a high rate reduces your turnover costs. 

Goal- Oriented: We continually aim to have 90% of our people placed fulfill their contracts and 20% renew.

Quality: We believe fulfilling and renewing contracts help reduce turnover costs and the loss of investment off your bottom line.  We have a world class recruiting system, vetting high- quality people. Our top concierge services launch out candidates to a new environment quickly and with constant support and assistance. 


Investing in working professionals and leaders through timely, relevant training. 

Training: We are partnering with our clients to provide world-class training. Through valuable continuing education courses and catalog of professional development workshops, we partner with our clients to help equip, train, and invest in the next generation of professionals and leaders. We offer a vast array of programs along with customizable options.