Contingent: Let us do the heavy lifting and carry the burden for you. Through our contingent services, you can contract with us for one, two or all of your current needs and we will work to fill your needs with the best possible candidates. You pay us when we fulfill your needs.

Retained: We understand that for some of our clients, dealing with multiple companies is a challenge. To help our clients, we offer retained services to provide for their current staffing needs. Be it monthly, quarterly or yearly, let us customize a retained plan that meets your needs.


As part of our on-going commitment to launch our candidates well, Adilstone offers services beforehand and on the ground to help make the easiest of transitions. These services include: customized packages for each person and/or family, visa assistance, transportation, housing assistance, cultural training and language assistance.



Adilstone has an extensive database of training experts in a variety of fields. We offer training programs around key areas of need based on our research to accommodate our potential customers. We partner with our clients to provide a vast array of programs along with customizable options.