Assisting employees and their families every step of the way for a smooth transition. We will customize a launch plan to include pre-launch and placement services along with monthly check-ins.

Launch Program

The key to launching well takes place in the first 30 to 90 days on the ground. Up to 20% of turnover takes place in the first 45 days.1 The main reason employees leave is due to family adjustment difficulty. We want to be proactive and assist our customers each step of the way to create the most accommodating concierge services. We provide a launch program that includes pre-launch and placement services along with monthly check-ins, but we also provide customized launch programs to match each person's common needs. 

Pre- Launch

These services are made prior to your launch to Saudi Arabia.

Basic Services

Pre-move consulting: An arranged meeting with an experienced expat to gain knowledge and insight.

Pre-move visit: Two day tour of the city you are moving to along with being shown housing, schooling, and entertainment options.

Pre-move training: Specific training targeted toward the area you are moving including training on cultural and business etiquette along with other oversea challenges. We provide an extensive two full day plus two coaching sessions to handle overseas business culture challenges and negotiations.

Visa and Residency Services: Value-added services that Adilstone Group is assisting with to expedite certain parts of the process in a timely and efficient manner.

Housing Assistance: Finding housing with our specific matching services that fit within your budget and location.

Additional Services

Educational Consulting: Specific matching services that fit with your child’s education background, personality, and budget. We then will assist you with the admission and support process. 

Expat City Tour: This five hour city tour is led by Western expats who understand the unique needs of an expat family.

Arabic Language Learning: Different language level courses are taught based on your language experience but it is highly recommended to at least have basic conversational Arabic language skills. Arabic is highly correlated with business and family success.


These services are made when you arrive in Saudi Arabia. 

Basic Services

Settling-In Services: Assisting with services such as natural gas, water, power, cable/internet and also helping with the process of securing an ID card, local driver’s license.

Accompany Assistance: Providing assistance with delivery and purchases on furnishings, household goods, etc.

Vehicle Assistance: Purchasing a car is sometimes more economical than leasing. We provide services that include residence paperwork, finding and negotiation for the vehicle, vehicle finance and funds transfer, vehicle registration and insurance, etc.

Community Assistance: Matching Services that connect you with like-minded people, clubs, and activities.

Additional Services

Marital and Family Counseling: Adjusting to an overseas lifestyle can be stressful. We provide professional marital and family counseling.    

Additional cross-cultural training: After the expat has been overseas for several weeks and has had the chance to interact with local cultures, other customized cultural training can be provided.