Staff Nurse Women's Health (Ref#010)

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  • Published: 2020-12-01 22:53:14Z


Responsible for providing comprehensive nursing care utilizing the nursing process and meeting the established standard of nursing practice and performance. 



  • Professional responsibility, performance and practice:
    • Accepts responsibility for ensuring that his/her nursing practice and conduct meet the standards of professional, ethical and relevant legislated requirements.
    • Demonstrates the ability to apply the principles of cross-cultural knowledge and culturally sensitive skills in implementing culturally congruent nursing care.
    • Promotes an environment that enables health consumer safety, independence, quality of life, and health.
    • Practices nursing in a manner that the health consumer determines as being culturally safe.
    • Evaluates her/his own nursing practice in relation to professional practice standards and guidelines, relevant statutes, rules, and regulations.
  • Management of nursing care:
    • Provides planned nursing care to achieve identified outcomes, utilizing appropriate resources to plan and provide nursing services that are safe, effective, and financially responsible.
    • Undertakes a comprehensive and accurate nursing assessment of health consumers in a variety of settings.
    • Ensure documentation is accurate and maintains confidentiality of information.
    • Ensures the health consumer has adequate explanation of the effects, consequences and alternatives of proposed treatment options.
    • Acts appropriately to protect oneself and others when faced with unexpected health consumer responses, confrontation, personal threat or other crisis situations.
    • Evaluates health consumer’s progress toward expected outcomes in partnership with health consumers.
    • Provides health education appropriate to the needs of the health consumer within a nursing framework.
    • Reflects upon, and evaluates with peers and experienced nurses, the effectiveness of nursing care.
    • Supports, participates in programs for and maintains professional development.
    • Attains knowledge and competence that reflects current nursing practice.
    • Integrates evidence and research findings into practice.
  • Interpersonal relationships:
    • Establishes, maintains and concludes therapeutic interpersonal relationships with health consumers.
    • Practices nursing in a negotiated partnership with the health consumer where and when possible.
    • Communicates effectively with health consumers and members of the health care team.
    • Communicates effectively in a variety of formats in all areas of practice.
    • Collaborates with the healthcare consumer, family, and others in the conduct of nursing practice.
  • Inter-professional healthcare and quality improvement:
    • Collaborates and participates with colleagues and members of the healthcare team to facilitate and coordinate care.
    • Recognizes and values the roles and skills of all members of the healthcare team in the delivery of care.
    • Demonstrates leadership in the professional practice setting and the profession.
    • Participates in quality improvement activities to monitor and improve standards of nursing.
  • Maintain a professional portfolio.
  • Actively engages in ongoing self-directed learning.
  • Maintain a current Basic Life Support certificate.
  • Maintain a current DOH license.
  • Complete annual staff training requirements.
  • Follows all Hospital related policies and procedures.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.



  • Education: Bachelor degree in Nursing; Associate degree in Nursing with minimum two (2) years course duration and successful completion of the National exam.
  • Experience: minimum 2 years of work experience post qualification

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