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Fire Officer (Ref#012)

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  • Published: 2020-11-18 19:14:56Z


Fire personnel will perform firefighting, rescue and Hazmat response. The company is keen on laying down a clear competency assurance program that is linked to individual career development and ensure professionalism within the brigade. The organization is offering generous Expat Allowances including Free Food, Housing, Airfare, Health Insurance, Car and local transportation. If possible and to expedite consideration please submit copies of your fire related certifications with your resume.



  • Should possess the competencies required for the Job Description of fireman and Fire equipment operator.
  • Responds immediately to fire, salvage, rescue or hazardous materials emergency call and decides initial firefighting tactics in line with equipment condition/ constraints. Consults with Incident Command on overall plant emergency procedures. Directs and controls activities of fire crew, after technical assessment of fire, until relieved by next senior in line.
  • Leads teams under conditions of extreme personal hazard, such as rescue activities inside confined spaces / elevated locations and hazardous maintenance activities inside KIPIC and adjacent areas. Covers all locations within KIPIC jurisdiction.
  • Checks special standby needs and ensures that appropriate equipment (monitors, foam cannons etc.) are deployed. Conducts fire prevention and protection inspection tours and ensures that inspection tours/ fire prevention patrols are carried out in area under control. Fills out inspection / audit reports during routine and planned plant visits.
  • Ensures maintenance of firefighting vehicles and fire protection equipment in the fire station and all the_ area under KIPIC (KIPIC assets) control as per predetermined program prepared by Chief Fire Officer.
  • Coordinates any maintenance work in his shift on equipment / systems under Fire section control.
  • Effectively communicate in writing, write reports, letters, and memos utilizing word processing and spreadsheet programs; operate in an information management system; and effectively operate at all levels in the incident management system
  • To condense instructions for frequently assigned unit tasks based on training and standard operating procedures.
  • Distribute issue-guided directions to unit members during training evolutions.
  • Establish perimeters at an incident scene, elements of a size-up, standard operating procedures for emergency operations, and fire behaviour.
  • To implement an incident management system, to manage scene safety, and to supervise and account for assigned personnel under emergency conditions.
  • To write reports, to communicate orally, and to evaluate skills, identify safety hazards and to communicate orally and in writing.
  • Implement an incident management system, to communicate orally, to supervise and account for assigned personnel under emergency conditions, and to serve in command staff and unit supervision positions within the Incident Management System.
  • To research, to use evaluative methods, to analyze data, to communicate orally and in writing, and to motivate members.
  • The ability to communicate orally and in writing and to organize a plan; and familiarity with emergency management interagency planning and coordination.



  • Minimum experience: 5 years 
  • Oil & Gas experience is preferable 
  • Meet minimum physical fitness abilities as per NFPA 1582
  • IFSAC/Pro-Boards certification (or Equivalent JOIFF certification)
    • Fire Officer II
    • Fire Inspector II
    • Fire Instructor II
    • Rope Rescue II
    • Confined Space Rescue II
    • Haz-Mat Responder – Technician
    • Hazmat Incident Command
    • Driver/Operator - Pumper, Aerial, Mobile Water Supply
    • Incident Command System (ICS)

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