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Chief Fire Officer/Fire Chief (Ref#012)

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  • Published: 2020-11-18 19:01:39Z


Fire personnel will perform firefighting, rescue and Hazmat response. The company is keen on laying down a clear competency assurance program that is linked to individual career development and ensure professionalism within the brigade. The organization is offering generous Expat Allowances including Free Food, Housing, Airfare, Health Insurance, Car and local transportation. If possible and to expedite consideration please submit copies of your fire related certifications with your resume.


  • Overall responsible for efficient functioning of the fire section under his jurisdiction. Plans, supervises and controls operation of fire section personnel / equipment to handle fire / emergencies / daily work in areas under refinery control. Controls fire prevention and protection, inspection, testing of all fixed and mobile fire equipment and liaises with Operations, Engineering and Maintenance departments for necessary action to repair fire installations. Is ‘on call’ to handle fire / rescue / oil spills & other emergency situations.
  • Primary duty involves supervising multi-unit emergency operations, conducting pre-incident planning, and deploying assigned resources.
  • Supervises and directs activities of assigned personnel in Fire Brigade. Performs supervisory role at section level as established by the management.
  • Supervises, organizes and controls all firefighting crew / equipment during actual / standby, fire / emergency situations, taking charge from Fire Officer and handing over to Team leader, Fire in areas under control. Coordinates with operations / maintenance personnel to provide fire / emergency services on standby basis and with safety personnel in dealing with common hazards (flammable gases etc). Works under personally hazardous conditions at any location within KIPIC jurisdiction. Supervises and directs rescue operations / activities inside the refinery and other areas.
  • Ensures maintenance, inspection, record maintenance, availability, readiness, operability and performance of all portable & mobile fire equipment and rescue equipment
  • Verifies the readiness, operability and performance of all semi-fixed and fixed firefighting, devices and hardware located throughout operating area provide personnel to witness testing of the above and should be aware at all times of the status of these items.
  • Ensures periodic maintenance and testing fire vehicle chassis.
  • Ensures suitability, relevance and applicability of mobile fire vehicles, firefighting systems and agents in relation to flow, pressure and quantity and planning of replacement vehicles
  • Verifies the instant readiness, availability and performance of department mobile fire vehicles, trailers and portable equipment on a 24 hours basis. Ensure that Fire personnel are fully conversant with the operation of equipment and methods of fire attack pertinent to the facility through in-house and external training and drills. 
  • Ensure that Fire personnel are fit to respond to actual fire and emergency activities by administering a thorough fitness regime. Ensure that the Fire personnel undergo periodic health examination and their records are available. 
  • Monitors on–the-job performance of Fire Section personnel and auxiliaries and ensures that job performance standards are achieved. Appraises subordinates and prepares annual reports. Identifies training needs of subordinate staff so as to improve competencies.
  • Undertakes/ ensures inspection of units and related facilities prior to Unit Start-up. Provides input for the unit’s start-up clearance certificate.
  • Review and analyses responses during emergencies and leads discussion on positive and negative aspects for enabling continual improvement.
  • Gets familiar with pre-fire plans and arranges for their periodical practice by the fire crew. Also, reviews standing instructions and ensures that all concerned personnel are aware of them.
  • Establishes, records & controls work schedule for shifts. Indicates special areas for shift personnel to concentrate on.
  • Reviewing Fire personnel injury, accident, and health exposure reports, identifying unsafe work environments or behaviours, and taking appropriate action to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Describe methods to facilitate and encourage members to participate in professional development to achieve their full potential and implement the program.
  • Preparing a budget, developing a budget management system, soliciting bids, planning for resource allocation, and working with Maximo information management systems.
  • Produce operational plans, given a hazardous materials incident, oil spills, gas leaks and another emergency requiring multi-unit operations, so that required resources, their assignments, and safety considerations for successful control of the incident are identified.
  • Rescue:
    • Size up a rescue incident (such as confined space rescue, vehicle and machinery rescue, structural collapse rescue, trench rescue and rope rescue) , manage incident hazards so that all hazards are identified, resource application fits the operational requirements, hazard isolation is considered, risks to rescuers and victims are minimized.
    • Manage resource in a rescue incident, so that personnel are accounted for, deployed resources achieve desired objectives, incident actions are documented, rescue efforts are coordinated, the command structure is established, task assignments are clearly communicated and monitored, and actions are consistent with applicable company regulations
    • Ensure Inspection and maintenance of hazard-specific personal protective equipment, clothing & equipment for the protection of the rescuers, including respiratory protection, cleaning and sanitation supplies, maintenance logs or records
  • Maintains good physical fitness by carrying out regular physical exercises.


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum experience: 5 years as CFO / Fire Chief
  • Oil & Gas experience is preferable  
  • Meet minimum physical fitness abilities as per NFPA 1582
  • IFSAC/Pro-Boards Certification (or Equivalent JOIFF certification) required.
    • Minimum Fire Officer II
    • Fire Inspector II
    • Rope Rescue II
    • Confined Space Rescue II
    • Hazmat Responder – Technician
    • Hazmat Incident Command
    • Driver/Operator - Pumper, Aerial, ARFF, Mobile Water Supply
    • Executive Fire Officer
    • Incident Command System (ICS)

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