Infection Prevention and Control Practitioner/Nurse (Ref #010)

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Infection Control Practitioners are registered nurses who are responsible for the development, implementation, assessment and surveillance, and analysis of the Infection Prevention and Control Program in Hospital in coordination and collaboration with the Infection Control Physician, and wider Infection Control Team/Committee. To provide specialist nursing input in the identification, prevention, monitoring, investigation and control of infection within the inpatient and outpatient care settings. To facilitate and implement the ongoing management of infection control practices within the Hospital. To assist in the implementation and monitoring of DOH/EHSMS/JCIA standards for infection control and shall assist with the implementation of quality assurance/continuous quality improvement programs with regard to infection control/safety procedures.



Essential Job functions and Key Accountabilities:

Professional responsibility, performance and practice:

  • To be an active member of the Infection Prevention and Control Team in all settings.
  • To be a delegate to represent the Infection Prevention and Control Team where appropriate.
  • To assist in the compiling and implementation of policy, guidance and procedures relating to infection prevention and control in the organisation, in conjunction with other members of the infection prevention and control team.
  • To contribute to the Annual report for the IP&C committee, in partnership with the
  • Infection Prevention and Control Team and as part of the annual programme for infection prevention and control.
  • To assist in the maintenance of HCAI surveillance initiatives within the critical care setting.
  • Participate in the implementation of agreed surveillance programmes in accordance with agreed national, regional and local priorities.
  • Participate in the collation of HCAI surveillance data from various sources, IT downloads, etc. This involves identification of anomalies, data cleaning and recoding of data.
  • Identifies sources and trends in infection and ensures that decisions on infection prevention & control measures are fully informed.
  • To participate in the feedback of HCAI surveillance results to the Infection Prevention and Control Team, clinical staff and interested parties on a regular basis. This involves the presentation of information to large groups of staff in formal settings and involves the use of presentational aids.
  • Contribute to new HCAI surveillance initiatives and audit activities in conjunction with the IPC team.
  • To provide ad hoc specialist advice/training as requested.
  • To liaise with the DOH in the provision of healthcare associated surveillance data.
  • To ensure surveillance data is fed back appropriately to clinical staff. To participate in all HCAI surveillance initiatives both mandatory and nonmandatory.
  • To compile HCAI surveillance reports as required.
  • To support IPC link persons in their roles in areas across the organisation in order to ensure IPC is an integrated part of patient/client care.
  • Management of infection control practices:
  • To provide specialist advice to all augmented care settings with respect to improving the patient experience and the reduction of HCAIs.
  • To identify, investigate and monitor infections and hazardous practice/procedures which could pose health risks to patients, staff or the public, reporting findings and outlining actions to their line manager and relevant others.
  • To clarify and explain microbiological results to healthcare workers, highlighting the implications for Infection Prevention and Control, giving advice and reassurance appropriate to the clinical situation.
  • To maintain accurate patient clinical records, updating specialist patient databases as required.
  • To work with the Infection Control Physician, department heads, line managers and relevant others in the investigation and control of outbreaks or increased incidents of infection in care.
  • Assist in the collection and contribute to the analysis of surveillance/audit data in conjunction with infection prevention & control team and clinical teams
  • To provide information to staff and act as specialist advisor in all matters relating to infection prevention and control, where specific medical advice is not required.
  • To assist your line manager in the update and introduction of new practices, in accordance with research and legislation.
  • To liaise with all outside health care agencies/facilities.
  • To liaise with infection prevention and control staff in other healthcare facilities to provide a seamless service.
  • To assist your line manager in advising contracting departments and participating in the preparation of documents relating to service specifications and quality standards.
  • To liaise with staff in the employee health department in relation to the prevention and control of infection amongst hospital staff.
  • To liaise with staff in the microbiology department in the organisation and undertaking of surveillance and investigation of outbreaks.
  • Ensure documentation is accurate and maintains confidentiality of information.
  • Acts appropriately to protect oneself and others when faced with unexpected health consumer responses, confrontation, personal threat or other crisis situations.
  • Reflects upon, and evaluates with peers and experienced nurses, the effectiveness of infection prevention and control program.
  • Maintains professional development.
  • Attains knowledge and competence that reflects current infection control practice.
  • Integrates evidence and research findings into practice.
  • Utilizes appropriate resources to plan and provide infection control services that are safe, effective, and financially responsible.
  • To assist your Line Manager appraise and evaluate infection prevention and control practice through a structured audit programme.
  • To participate in independent and validation audits in relation to Infection Prevention and Control to improve patient care and provide written reports in a timely manner.
  • To organise trials and product evaluation to promote good Infection Prevention and Control practice in collaboration with other members of the Infection Prevention and Control Team.
  • To contribute to the dissemination of audit results through presentation at audit days, mandatory training sessions and/or induction days.

Interpersonal relationships:

  • Establishes, maintains and concludes therapeutic interpersonal relationships with health consumers.
  • Practices infection control in a negotiated partnership with the health consumer where and when possible.
  • Communicates effectively with health consumers and members of the health care team.
  • Communicates effectively in a variety of formats in all areas of practice.
  • To communicate with patient/relatives/carers and give advice relating to Infection
  • Prevention and Control as appropriate.

Interprofessional healthcare and quality improvement:

  • Collaborates and participates with colleagues and members of the healthcare team to facilitate and coordinate infection control practices.
  • Recognises and values the roles and skills of all members of the healthcare team in the delivery of infection control practices.
  • Demonstrates leadership in the professional practice setting and the profession.
  • Participates in quality improvement activities to monitor and improve standards of infection control.
  • To participate in the development of educational and training programmes for all staff.
  • To assess and identify training needs and develop training packages to meet those needs.
  • To evaluate and review training as appropriate.
  • To keep abreast of regional, national and international issues which have a direct effect on infection prevention and control.

Maintain a professional portfolio.

Actively engages in ongoing self-directed learning.

Maintain a current Basic Life Support certificate.

Maintain a current DOH license.

Complete annual staff training requirements.

Follows all Hospital related policies and procedures.

Performs other related duties as assigned.



  • Education: Bachelor degree in Nursing; Associate degree in Nursing with minimum two (2) years course duration and successful completion of the National exam.
  • Duration and type of Experience: Minimum five (5) years' experience post registration.
  • It is desirable to have previous infection control nursing experience, and/or coursework (i.e. APIC ICE) in infection prevention is preferred.
  • Language: Fluent in English. Ability to speak in Arabic, Urdu, Hindi or Pashto languages is an advantage.

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