frequently asked questions

Why Adilstone?

Adilstone Group is an elite recruiting and training firm that serves employers by connecting them with high quality professional candidates. Our relational networking, powered by an array of marketplace tools and contacts, helps us find candidates who have the talent and character to match your company’s vision and values. We aim for 90% of our placements to fulfill their contracts and at least 20% to renew because of the excellence and integrity that goes into our process.

What makes Adilstone different?

In short, we have a four-pronged approach: RECRUIT, LAUNCH, SUSTAIN, IMPACT. For more information, check out Our Unique Strategy.

What kind of services do you provide?

We provide recruiting, concierge, and training services.

What type of training programs do you provide?

Currently, we are providing on-site training for healthcare personnel. We have four categories: wellness and preventative care, information technology (IT), management and leadership, and specialization. For more information on our training programs, check out our Training Page. If you don’t see a training program that will benefit your staff, don’t sweat! We offer customized training programs. Contact us at 

What jobs does Adilstone recruit for?

Adilstone Group is currently recruiting for Health Care sectors only. We are expanding to education, engineering, and business fields soon.

What is the process and updates on who’s applied for a job?

 We have an extensive vetting process starting with INTRODUCTION, where potential candidates create a profile in Adilstone Group and are welcome by an Adilstone representative. The second step is MATCHING, where we pre-screen candidates and make sure you are receiving the most-qualified talent before you make the final hire. The Adilstone Group propriety software matches each individual to jobs that match their unique profile. The final step is NOTIFICATIONS, where we constantly submit automated alerts and updates on matched job opportunities. Each alert is personalized because each new job posting has its own unique profile.  Our Adilstone Placement Process

If I have an open job position, how do I request Adilstone to post the job?

Currently, we have contracts with our clients based on a contingency of hires. We will do all the heavy lifting and searching for potential candidates. For more information on partnering with Adilstone Group, contact us at