Frequently Asked Questions

Why Adilstone?

Adilstone Group is an elite recruiting and training firm that serves employers by connecting them with high quality professional candidates. Our relational networking, powered by an array of marketplace tools and contacts, helps us find candidates who have the talent and character to match your company’s vision and values. We aim for 90% of our placements to fulfill their contracts and at least 20% to renew because of the excellence and integrity that goes into our process.

What jobs does Adilstone recruit for?

Adilstone Group is currently recruiting for healthcare sectors only. We are expanding to education, engineering, and business fields soon.

How long does it take to move into Saudi Arabia?

Depending on the job and employer, it can take between 3 and 6 months from the moment he or she applied for a job.  Adilstone Group will assist with the process for a smooth and quick transition. 

Do I need a visa?

Yes but Adilstone Group will help assist with the process and provide information. An exact process of applying for a visa cannot be given as it will depend on your home country. For more information, regarding visa information and the process, please contact

What does the move process look like?

Based on your employer, you will be arriving in Saudi Arabia several days in advance. The employer and Adilstone agency will meet you at the airport and take you to your temporary/ permanent accommodation. In the next few days, you will have to apply for a residency permit and once that is issued you will be able to get a driving license.

What are my options for housing?

Based on your employer you have different options:

  • Live in the compound housing offered by employer

  • Live outside the compound with no housing allowance

  • Live outside the compound with housing allowance covering part of the rent

  • Live outside the compound with housing allowance covering full rent

Ask your employer what are your options before signing the contract.

What options are available for children education? What does an international school look like?

Based on the city you will be living in, there are different international schools available (for example, the USA, UK and Australia all have international schools located in the large cities). Parents may also opt for a home country curriculum, "Home-schooling system," taught by one of the parents. 

Can I practice my religion in Saudi Arabia? 

Saudi Arabia’s state religion is Islam. Although expatriates can live and work in the country, unless someone is a Muslim they are not allowed to publicly practice their religion.

Can I get around without learning Arabic? Do you offer any language or cultural learning services?

‚ÄčThe official language of the country is Arabic, but you get around with English in the major cities. The level of English proficiency is increasing especially among youth, business and healthcare sectors. That being said, it is advisable to try and get some basic Arabic which will come in handy especially when out shopping or when traveling around the country and making local friends. 

Adilstone Group aims to best prepare our candidates for the jobs they apply for as well as supporting and assisting them once they get the job. We have created customized special packages including but not limited to cultural training, language acquisition methods.

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