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7 Easy steps to help you get a job next year

According to a recent survey, 61% of employers plan to hire more people in 2018 than in 2017 and 40% are worried about finding enough good people to fill those openings.

It’s not just tech and health care firms who are poised to hire. says a diverse group of industries plan to be on the hunt, with architecture, engineering, IT, telecom and professional service firms at the top of the list.

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Will you sprint, stroll, or stumble into a career?

At the age of 18, G. Stanley Hall left his home in the tiny village of Ashfield, Mass., for Williams College, just 35 miles away, with a goal to “do something and be something in the world.” His mother wanted him to become a minister, but the young Stanley wasn’t sure about that plan. He saw a four-year degree as a chance to explore.

His parents wanted him to come home and get a real job, and even Hall, having “scarcely tried my hand in the world to know where I can do anything,” wondered what was next. He was out of money and in debt, so he returned home after his parents refused to support him financially. He was 27 years old.

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Redefining excellence for today's world

Thirty years ago, Tom Peters published an incredibly influential business book, In Search of Excellence.

In it, he defined eight characteristics of excellent companies: a bias for action, staying close to the customer, autonomy and entrepreneurship, productivity through people, clear and compelling organizational values, focusing on what you do best, operating with a lean staff, and finding a balance between having enough structure without getting stuck in it.

These principles remain good guides to this day. However, the business world has changed almost beyond recognition over the last 30 years, and the time has come to redefine what excellence means. In today’s world, excellence is more than a set of principles. It’s a set of beliefs, ways of thinking, a matter of discipline, and ways of focusing.


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Working Abroad: 8 biggest challenges and tips

Author Andrew Wiffen covers 8 of the largest obstacles facing any individual in pursuit of international work. Language, culture, and time differences are only a few of the obstacles that Wiffen highlights in his unique yet intriguing article. 

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Working Overseas

Working in a foreign country is a unique and wonderful experience. It provides insights into a country that isn’t your own. It exposes you to a different culture. And it allows you to learn a new language, meet new people, and get a new perspective on the world. It’s an experience not many people get a chance to have. But, as a traveler, you have a better opportunity to take advantage of this than most other people.

Traveling costs money, even if you are a budget traveler or a backpacker. And sometimes we don’t have the money to travel like we want. Sometimes we just don’t have any money. And other times, we fall in love with one place and just don’t want to leave it. No matter what your circumstances are, working overseas can be a great way to solve your money problems and allow you to live abroad.

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