Adilstone Group is an elite recruiting and training firm that serves employers by connecting them with high quality professional candidates. Our relational networking, powered by an array of marketplace tools and contacts, helps us find candidates who have the talent and character to match your company’s vision and values. We aim for 90% of our placements to fulfill their contracts and at least 20% to renew because of the excellence and integrity that goes into our process.



Our best-in-class recruiting website houses a proprietary database of qualified Western candidates. We offer recruiting services for our customers that are contingent or retained. We handle our business relationships with others the way we hope others will handle their relationship with us—we expect the best, and we deliver the best. We understand the damage caused by high rates of employee turnover and its ripple effect on long-term investment. Retaining employees is important; hence, our contracts are customizable to fulfill the client’s needs. 

Up to 20% of turnover takes place in the first 45 days and can be attributed to family adjustment challenges. Successful longevity hinges on the first 30 to 90 days in a new work place. We proactively assist our candidates each step of the way with pre-launch and placement services, monthly check-ins, and a variety of customizable options to match each person’s needs.

We partner with our clients to assist in the training and equipping of local nationals. We design our training programs to cover key topics tailored to the customers. Each course will typically provide a credit or certificate upon completion.


Story and Values

Adilstone Group was founded by a group of American professionals who recognized the growing talent shortage in the modern job market and wanted to be a solution to that problem by doing things differently. They had a vision for a recruiting company that did more than fill open positions, one that offered the kind of service that would ensure an excellent result for all those involved. The founders combined their skills to create a group driven by strong values and a genuine care for people. Today, Adilstone Group trains and recruits professionals from all over the Western world, placing them in some of the most competitive positions available, boosting employee retention, and instilling a sense of integrity and trust between employer and employed.

In order to do this, we set out to establish long-term relationships with clients and candidates who share the following core values for the work they do.

INTEGRITY: We deliver what we promise, never compromising ethics for financial or other gain.

TENACITY: We are problem solvers, determined to be the best solution for our clients and customers' needs.

EXCELLENCE: We strive to deliver service worthy of high esteem.

RELATIONAL: We promote a culture that puts relationships first.

ACCELERATION: We value speed and efficiency, which translates to bottom-line profit for our customers.


Today, we hope your professional journey will merge with ours to make this happen together!